I believe the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless. That's why I named my studio INFINITY PILATES! Pilates is a way for you to discover and explore these possibilities and I can be your guide through that journey!

Private Session
Group Lesson
The Studio

I provide fully-customized private and semi-private Pilates sessions in a relaxed atmosphere. My well equipped studio, located in Hiroo, has all  the necessary equipment to perform a wide range of exercises for all your Pilates needs whether you are a beginner or an advanced student.

Session Fee

60min. Private          10,000yen
60min. Semi-private     6,000yen per person


My group classes' maximum capacity is 4 people. I have about 10 props to practice Mat Pilates exercises effectively. I'm very excited to share my Pilates experience all over! You are interested in it or you have been looking for mat group classes in English in Tokyo, please contact me. I'll be teaching them every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each at 12:00pm. Just come over to Hiroo and let's enjoy Pilates together!

Lesson Fee

60mins. 4,000yen
※Cash only

Hiroo Chiropractic Office 2nd floor

5-16-3, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0012, Japan

I'm Hiroko Terada, I'm a Pilates instructor in Tokyo and a world traveler. Coming across Pilates has changed my life, ever since I started doing it over ten years ago. I've been teaching Pilates for more than ten years now and learned many types of Pilates techniques as well as its philosophy. My mission is to share my Pilates experience with everyone and being able to support others with keeping their mind and body healthy. Doing that fills me with joy! You only live once so I believe it's most important to enjoy your life to the fullest!!!

Experience and Training
Costa Rica
Costa Rica
New York
New York
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City

2011 Merrithew STOTT PILATES Corporate Training Center in Toronto / Pilates On Fifth in New York


2013〜2014 Merrithew STOTT PILATES Corporate Training Center in Toronto / Many Pilates studios in New York / Pendulum Pilates in Ottawa / Kim Mcbean Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica


2014〜2015 Bali Pilates Studio in Bali


2015 PMA CONFERENCE in Denver / Merrithew STOTT PILATES Corporate Training Center in Toronto /  Rolates Pilates(THE ORIGINAL JOSEPH PILATES STUDIO) in New York


2016 Bali Pilates Studio in Bali / Pilates Institute of Southern California in Manhattan Beach / Pilates Aligned in Denver / John Garey Fitness & Pilates in Seal Beach


2017 Pilates Institute of Southern California in Manhattan Beach Graduated from Cara Reeser's Heritage Training in Manhattan Beach / Pilates Aligned in Denver


2018 Elba Pilates Studio in Elba, Italy / Pilates Institute of Southern California in Manhattan Beach / Jenn's Pilates Retreat in Studio City / CenterPoint Pilates in Santa Barbara / Pilates Aligned in Denver / Rolates Pilates in New York


2019 Streamline Pilates in Salt Lack City / Temescal Pilates and Bodywork in Oakland / Pilates Aligned in Denver

Cara Reeser
A second generation Pilates instructor and lineage carrier of the Kathy Grant work
Owner of Pilates Aligned in Denver

I believe that the practice of Pilates can lead to a mind-body transformation that will change the life of those who seriously embrace it. Pilates is great for both who want a wellness-health practice and therapy for injured athletes, dancers and the physically compromised.

Hiroko Terada is a highly skilled, sensitive and dedicated Pilates instructor. If you are looking for a Pilates instructor who can help you increase your fitness level, recover from an injury or illness or gain deeper control, strength and awareness of your body during any of the changes that life brings, Hiroko is a perfect instructor for you.


I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Hiroko in the US, she is a graduate of a post-graduate Pilates training program that I teach. Hiroko is the first in Japan have taken this program and her commitment and talent impressed me deeply!


I recommend her to you for the best and most authentic experience in the study of The Pilates Method!

Davide Agnelli

I went to Hiroko for my lower back pain a few years ago and I haven't missed my weekly class with her since. Regular practice not only addressed my issue, but it showed me how everything in my body was connected, made me more resilient to injuries and gave me a better posture and overall outlook on life.

Michael Peng
Managing Director, Design & Innovation Firm

I cannot say enough amazing things about Hiroko and Infinity Pilates. I had never taken a Pilates class prior to my time with Hiroko. She came highly recommended from a coworker of mine who's overall well-being had improved dramatically after taking lessons from Hiroko. I decided I needed to try it for myself.

Hiroko is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet. But don’t let her fool you. She will make sure to challenge you to the best of your ability! For Hiroko, Pilates is more than just a hobby -- it’s a lifestyle. And she breathes it with her every being. I think this is what I love most about my lessons with Hiroko. Her passion for Pilates more than comes through in her instruction. Your goals become her goals, and she will work with you lesson after lesson to make sure you achieve them.

I started taking Pilates lessons from Hiroko in October 2014 and continue to do today. I consider her an integral part of my “life coaching team” here in Japan.

I cannot tell you the amount of comments I get from people around my overall posture. But more important than that external validation, it’s how I feel about my own body that’s most worth noting. My core feels stronger than ever and as Hiroko will tell you, “all movement comes from your core!” I cannot speak higher of Hiroko and her Pilates lessons. She is truly the best.

Martin Levesque
English instructor

I'm Martin, a Canadian living in Tokyo.

After many years of mostly walking for exercise, and only occasionally going for a workout, I decided to try Pilates after having heard about it from Hiroko, and hearing that she could provide the lesson entirely in English, which was also a plus.
That was a great decision!

She's more than just a teacher - she's a lifestyle coach with her gentle workouts, which she makes sure you are doing correctly, her words of encouragement and advice.
She starts with a focus on deep breathing, something we seldom do properly in our fast-paced lives and proceeds to teach you a varied range of exercises,
challenging your flexibility and balance - it's also a complete workout, and helps core strengthening.
It helps reduce stress too. Hiroko has inspired me to exercise more and have a more positive attitude, I am very thankful to her for introducing me to a practice that is truly opening my eyes and my mind to the possibilities in my life!


If you are interested in booking a session or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!